Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to fold the bike?

The KIWI bike folds in seconds! First you depress the security pin in the centre of the frame, release the catch lever and fold the frame in half. Next release the handlebar stem catch and fold this down. Finally, release the seat post clamp and slide the seat post down! Now your KIWI bike will comfortably fit under the desk at the office, in the corner of your home, or in the boot of a car. It’s easy to take around public transport too. You’ll love it.

Is the KIWI bike worth it?

We’ll never aim to be offering the cheapest e-bike on the market! However, we have a pretty strong claim to being one of the best. Cheaper e-bikes of course tend to use cheaper parts. You’ll find heavy, ugly, aluminium frames that are a nightmare to transport and cycle on hills. Weak calliper brakes that offer little stopping power at speed. Cheap components that lack any durability and batteries that quickly become exhausted.

Our focus is not on cost-cutting, but on delivering you the best experience. We want you to love your bike, and thanks to our careful design decisions, we believe you will. Premium e-bikes twice the cost of a KIWI lack numerous features the KIWI bike offers, such as a carbon fibre frame, Shimano gears, hydraulic disc brakes…and are often less aesthetically appealing. Therefore, we believe the bike offers excellent value for money – you won’t regret it!

How much money can a KIWI bike save me?

Of course this depends totally on you and your lifestyle, but most likely a lot! There are a number of calculators for this you can find online. However, consider that a full charge of your battery, and all that range, will most likely cost less than a quarter of running your washing machine on one cycle!

The general consensus is that the cost per mile of running an e-bike is around 20x lower than that of running a car. Try considering these costs against season tickets, fuel, servicing etc…and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised!

Where are KIWI bikes manufactured?

Our supply chain is truly global, with parts arriving at our factories from all over. Where your bike is manufactured will depend on your region, as we always seek to manufacture locally in order to minimise costs and import taxes. As we are based in the EU, the vast majority of our production currently takes place in Germany.

Can I customise the bike’s components?

We have of course considered offering parts customisation, and it’s still definitely something we will consider in future. However, by offering one simple model, which we believe will meet most people’s needs, we are able to greatly reduce manufacturing complexity and pass those savings on to you. We don’t believe in offering you a sub-par product. It’s not necessary to ‘spec up’ a KIWI bike like many other e-bikes, as we only offer a single, premium quality version.

How’s the security of the bike?

Your battery is easily removable for charging and security. However, it can be locked to your frame with a key included with your bike. As you can easily fold your KIWI bike, many riders will simply choose to keep the bike inside. If locking the bike outside, we recommend a sturdy D-lock secured between the rear wheel and frame for maximum security.

Will a KIWI bike help me get fit?

Absolutely. A KIWI bike offers pedal assistance, so you’ll need to put in some effort to receive the benefit of the bike’s power! E-bikes aren’t cheating, they’re not mopeds or motorbikes. You can easily adjust the level of assistance the bike provides to make your journey a breeze, or push yourself a little more if you fancy it.

Various studies have found that the total calories burnt riding e-bikes tends to be only slightly lower than that of riding a regular bike. A KIWI bike still provides the opportunity to improve your fitness and health, whilst allowing you to move with greater ease. Inclines will no longer reduce you to a sweaty mess, and you’ll be able to wear whatever clothes you like whilst you ride!

How much can I reduce my carbon emissions by?

Riding a KIWI bike can massively reduce your carbon footprint. According to one European study, cars produce an average of 271g CO2e per person kilometre, whilst public transit buses produce 101g. E-bikes are estimated to produce just 22g, a reduction of just over 1230%! You can find the information here.

The report based these assumptions on bikes that weigh more and are less efficient than a KIWI bike, so you can be sure you’re making even greater reductions. There’s even an argument that e-bikes are more environmentally friendly than regular bikes, as humans are less efficient in converting food calories to useable energy!

Can the KIWI bike handle hills?

100%. We developed and tested the bike in South-West England, primarily in the cities of Bath and Bristol. Ask anyone there about the hills! We didn’t find one that this bike couldn’t tackle, and we wouldn’t launch it if we did.

The combination of such a lightweight carbon fibre frame, paired with a powerful electric system and Shimano Sora gearing has allowed the KIWI bike to cruise up every incline we’ve come across in testing. We rarely broke a sweat at the top!

Does the KIWI bike meet my local regulations?

The KIWI bike will meet all local regulations in regions it ships to. It is CE certified, and speed restricted by region. Speed restrictions are configurable within the settings of your bike, however, this is not recommended if you wish to comply with local laws!

Do you offer a fast charger for the battery?

Whilst it is something we considered, we don’t offer a fast charger for the KIWI bike battery. Ultimately, whilst being convenient, fast charging degrades your battery much faster than at the regular rate. We want your bike to last and to consistently deliver you an exceptional experience.

Your battery should offer approximately 700 full cycles before a real noticeable reduction in capacity. This won’t be possible with fast charging. You can, if you wish, purchase faster chargers compatible with your battery online, but we recommend you to only utilise the included charger for maximum longevity of your KIWI bike.

Do you offer custom orders for businesses?

Yes! Many businesses look to utilise e-bikes like ours to provide their staff with an easy method to travel to local meetings and businesses. We can easily create custom designs and will work with your teams to do so.

Please contact to discuss your requirements!

Where will my KIWI bike ship from?

This will depend on your region, but the majority of our bikes will ship from within the EU, most likely from Germany. Once shipped, our bikes should reach you within 3-5 days, depending on your region.

I’ve not received my order confirmation.

Oh dear…please contact us via the contact page, or e-mail us directly at

How long will it take to receive my bike?

Once shipped, our bikes should reach you within 3-5 days, depending on your region.

Do you ship to..?

We are able to ship worldwide with very few exceptions! If you are looking to order a KIWI bike to your remote desert island escape, send us an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do.

I’m interested in stocking KIWI bikes.

Great news! Please message us via our contact page, or e-mail us directly at so we can discuss your interest and offer you further information on our bikes!

I’d like to review a KIWI bike.

We’d love you to try it! Please message us via our contact page, or e-mail us directly at and we’ll organise something together.

Where are KIWI bikes based?

Our team works remotely, but the majority of us are based in the Bath/Bristol area of South-West England.

Can I test ride the bike?

If you are local to us, I’m sure we can find a way for you to get a true KIWI experience. Please message us via our contact page, or e-mail us directly at