We believe in delivering an exceptional experience.

Each design decision we take is guided by an unwavering focus on the end-user experience. From the kiwi birds placed conveniently to help you locate your valves, to a lighting system that can be charged directly by your battery on the go, we have sought to remedy the common frustrations of cycling. This attention to detail allows us to deliver a product where everything just works.

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kiwi bike

We never take shortcuts.

Our bikes utilise premium materials and we never compromise where it could affect your ride. We extensively test each component selected against alternative options to ensure we always strike the best balance between user-experience and cost. Where others may cut corners to increase profitability, we believe that our success will be found in delivering an unrivalled experience, and bikes that our customers love.

We can change the way you move.

KIWI bikes are designed to tackle anything. A powerful electrical system combined with premium components like Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes will help you safely conquer any incline, in any weather, with ease.

Oh, and these bikes turn heads. We apologise in advance for all the compliments and questions you’ll be facing out there…

kiwi bike

Meet Our Team

Lewis Stott


Mia Horne


Indrek Reilson


Ollie Stott


Jack Webb



Prior to launching KIWI bikes, Lewis spent the best part of ten years working in the technology sector. This included various roles at Apple, where the importance of design and user-experience was emphatically drilled home. Lewis then worked as a Senior Project Manager for a small technology company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Traveling internationally often more than 200 days per year, he gained experience working in various different markets with high-end clients, whilst running the international logistics such a business requires. Lewis also graduated with his MSc with distinction from the University of Bath’s School of Management. These experiences combine at KIWI bikes, where Lewis oversees the operations of the business.




Mia graduated from Newcastle University with a BA in Business Management, and is now our resident number cruncher. Mia has worked in various areas of the financial sector and helps us to manage the money. When exchange rates and spreadsheets start to hurt our brains, Mia generally saves the day.




Indrek has helped to successfully launch a number of businesses, including his own personal trainer certification course in both Estonia and Finland. He has a keen passion for the latest and greatest emerging technologies, and helps to advise on KIWI’s marketing and growth strategy.




Ollie is a true all-rounder for KIWI, but his real expertise lies in research. Previously, Ollie worked with a small start-up to develop a platform that provided firms with the latest market trends and technologies emerging in their sectors. Ollie helps us to focus on the future direction of e-bikes, and to identify the finest components and suppliers in the industry to help us build the best.




A passionate creative, there isn’t much artistically that Jack doesn’t do. From music, to videography, Jack helps us to develop the multimedia content for our channels, and maintain the beautiful KIWI brand. Jack spent 10 years working for Apple in various positions before electing to go it alone and launch a variety of small businesses, including his own pop-up bar. Jack is now based in Australia, ensuring the sun never sets on KIWI bikes.



Meet Our Team

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